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It is our desire to see the Lord pour out His Spirit upon all nations, and for entire nations to come to the knowledge of Jesus. With your support we will be able to continue to set the captives free and empower the next generation. 


We are a nonprofit organization, and upon request, we will also send you a tax-deductible form at the end of the year.


If you would like to partner with us, simply click the Donate button below or scan the QR code:


Outpouring Covenant Giving is not just a partnership; it’s a covenant between you and God that you would pour out a monthly financial donation of $20 or more per year. You will become a co-labor in the harvest field to see the lives of the bond changed by the power of God.   


After one year of being a consecutive partner, you will receive:

*  Monthly Teachings 
*  Prayer from all the staff
*  Appreciation gift

*  Outpouring tee shirt