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Pastor Jermane Cheatham & Desiree Cheatham
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About Us


Pastor Jermane Cheatham and his wife Desiree are the overseers of the Outpouring Of Christ Ministry.

Our vision is the continual pouring out of Christ, to generations and nations! 

To pour out Christ's character, authority, power and gifts of the Holy Spirit into the church, so they are able to pour out Christ into their community affecting generations and influencing nations!

The ministry mission  was given to Pastor Jermane by the founder Jesus Christ to preach and teach the gospel to all nations, reach the lost, and help the bound get set free by the fire of the Holy Spirit.


The desire of their hearts is to see the advancement of Gods Kingdom through the winning of souls and mentorship.

What We Believe

Jesus is the Son of God! He is God revealed to men, showing the only way to salvation, and eternal life!

All that are born again, have been given power to become sons of God by the Holy Spirit, and to live a holy and sanctified lifestyle, reflecting the character of Christ with power! 

What Is Ecclesia?

The Gospel of Matthew uses the term ecclesia with spiritual and physical meanings and that this term is based on God's invitation through Jesus to all people to come into this assembly. 

Matt 16:18

The Ecclesia is the governing branch of the kingdom of heaven on earth, that has been given Authority and power to reveal God's will for mankind. 

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